Sunday, June 26, 2016


Happy high summer from our little slice of heaven. 

Our morning coffee was accompanied by a serenade raucous bird song and the soft, soulful sound of wind chimes in the breeze. It's gonna be 90 degrees today and we're already conserving our energy.

After suffering through not one, but two severe hard freezes this spring I thought my beloved hydrangeas would keel over and die straight away. They are hardier than I thought. 
I'll take whatever I can get!

The oak leaf hydrangea we received as a wedding gift from J&J is another story all together.
It seems to thrive through the worst of times. A sweet metaphor of our lives together.

We've been tending to our humble little farmhouse much more this year. The paint's still peeling but the porch is cozy and the galvanized garden is happy. 

It's been a banner year for fireflies. 
 Attempts to capture the nightly fireworks show have failed so far.  
But that doesn't mean I won't keep trying.  

Ah, blissful, sweet summer.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Strawberry Moon

The asparagus is starting to wane and the strawberries are coming on. Welcome Summer Solstice.

If the stars are correct we're in for quite a ride. It is a heady time for us right now and hard to imagine the ride becoming rockier, but we're ready to embrace it for all it's worth.

May this season be a time of clarity. A time to look forward and hold tight to the possibilities in front of us. It's time again to be brave, act with courage and strength of conviction. I'm ready. Welcome Summer Solstice. Welcome Strawberry moon. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Monday

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hudson Valley

We've just returned from the most wonderful weekend away in Rhinebeck, NY at the Country Living Fair. 

I love the Hudson valley and can't wait to get back and really explore. 

The CLF was inspiring and invigorating, and we returned with a head full of ideas for the show we're doing in September. 
The garden was busy while we were away.