Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Sunday, April 10, 2016


Today is the day. 

It is K's last official day in the employment of AD. 

We're writing a whole new story and it looks nothing like the old one. 

We know if we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting forever. 

It's time to jump!

Friday, April 8, 2016


Thank God I'm Finally (Feeling Human Again)

We received the most unwelcome of welcome home presents in the form of the latest god awful, butt kickin', I've-been-hit-by-a-train stomach flu that's making the rounds in our neck of the woods. It's not for the faint of heart. It struck on Monday evening just after a delicious dinner of pizza and kale salad and kept us bed ridden for three days. Today for the first time we awoke feeling somewhat human again. Let the grand game of catch up begin.
Ever grateful for our devoted corp of kitty nurses who kept us warm and well snuggled.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Passion Flower

Well, we finally made it to Florida. Third time was a charm. Seeing my brother was as healing as I thought it would be. He is strong, thoughtful and and focused. Tending to every detail after mom's death without complaint. Holding up until he couldn't, then dissolving into tears. 

It is so odd being an orphan. Who will I ask about our checkered family history? Who really knows that details of my mom's running away from NYC to Florida? What was grandma Fini's real name? Perhaps this is why folks of a certain age seem to be fascinated by genealogy.  

On Sunday, April 3rd we drove to Hobe Sound to see if we could find my folks' former apartment and my mom's little secret garden. I think of it as secret for two reasons. First, she was not supposed to garden there. They had a professional landscape crew and they had it under control. Secondly, her potting table, soil, fertilizer and tools were stashed away in a little thicket of woods right next to their unit. I'm pretty sure mom bossed the landscape crew around so much that they just gave up and let her do her own thing. She missed gardening so much after they sold the place in Lake Park. In Hobe Sound she pruned and weeded, and every now and then she would dig up a newly planted shrub and relocate it to a "better" spot (only the days she knew the crew wouldn't be there of course). She pretty much ignored the rules and did her own thing.

By some happy accident, whether divine or maternal, we not only found mom and dad's former apartment but also her secret garden spot. The hanging orchids were long gone, but the red passion flowers she was so proud of were still twining around the pine trees and they were in full bloom. Sneaking into the thicket, we scattered some of her ashes on a bed of thick ferns. I know she will be happy there.

Our next stop was Sandsprit Park. 
This was mom and dad's favorite hangout after afternoon coffee. They had such delightful daily rituals. Coffee on the porch. Wiping the dew off of the car. Swimming in the pool. Lunch out. Afternoon coffee with friends. Watching the sunset at Sandsprit park. 

It was incredibly windy when we were there and I knew if I opened the bag containing her ashes they'd blow inland and directly into the crowds of people enjoying the breeze. So I lowered myself down a set of stairs and poured them directly into the water. I sat and watched while they billowed up and floated away on the current. She and dad were so in love with the sea and now they are together there at last.